The Practice Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC) Conference Series is a community-driven effort built on successes of the past, with the aim to grow and be more inclusive by involving additional local, regional, national, and international cyberinfrastructure and research computing partners spanning academia, government and industry. The PEARC conference series is working to integrate and meet the collective interests of our growing community by providing a forum for discussing challenges, opportunities and solutions among the broad range of participants in the research computing community. The PEARC conferences are organized by a group of dedicated volunteers from the community.

Past conferences include:

PEARC17 - July 9–13, 2017 — New Orleans, LA - Theme: Sustainability, Success and Impact

PEARC18 - July 22–26, 2018 — Pittsburgh, PA - Theme: Seamless Creativity

This year, PEARC19, will take place in Chicago, Illinois from July 28 to August 1, 2019 and we will explore the current practice and experience in advanced research computing including modeling, simulation, and data-intensive computing. This year's theme is "Rise of the Machines (Learning)" and our primary focus will be on machine learning and artificial intelligence which are proving to be disruptive technologies in a diverse range of scientific fields from materials science to medicine.


If you are interested in machine learning and many other areas in advanced research computing, this is the conference for you!


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